The Maclaurin Trust History

The Maclaurin Trust was founded as a bequest from the late Mrs Mary Ellen Maclaurin, who, in her Will, provided that curators appointed within the Will should, within five years of her death, build an art gallery and / or museum in Ayr to be called The Maclaurin Art Gallery in memory of her husband.

Premises were identified at Rozelle House and the Trust was granted a tenancy of the east wing of Rozelle House and curators were given powers to upkeep the art gallery and to purchase pictures and other exhibits.

The Trust has built up one of the best collections of 20th, and now 21st,  century art in the country, part of which collection is exhibited from time to time and is lent to other galleries. The gallery also provides hanging space for various local art groups and attracts exhibitions from far and wide.


So, what's the point?

Statement of Purpose

The role of the Maclaurin Trust is to enhance cultural provision for the citizens of the former Royal Burgh of Ayr and the wider community, by the provision of an Art Gallery / Museum for the benefit of artists and visitors.

The Trust believes in supporting artists at Local, National and International levels at all stages in their careers through ensuring the provision of exhibitions and the purchase of works of art.

This is achieved by facilitating a diverse programme of exhibitions and related activities, and by the on-going acquisition to and exhibition of the Trust's permanent collection. The Trust will continue to promote these purposes by providing exhibitions of diverse interest, by maintaining the galleries to a high standard and by developing the permanent collection.

Key Aims

  • To provide a diverse programme of art and / or museum exhibitions in order to engage with a wider audience
  • To support and encourage artists at all levels and stages in their careers
  • To develop the artistic and cultural talent of children and young people
  • To conserve, manage and develop the Trust's permanent collection as resources and opportunities arise
  • To facilitate a high standard of upkeep for gallery and storage areas
  • To explore other avenues to publicise and develop the Gallery and the Trust's permanent collection

Peter Howson OBE, Patron


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